Online Personal Training with vanespersonaltraining:

- Intake

- Personal training and nutrition program

- Every week new training schedule

- Lifestyle coaching

- Software app for trackig training and nutrition

- Contact moments 

- Measurement and evaluation


For who?

- Have self-discipline

- Independently follow a training and nutrition program

- Financiel or not have the time for PT

Packages online Personal training

The online personal training packages hava a purchase of 3 months.


*The package prices are include 9% VAT.

Pros online personal training:

- Lower prices than pt

- Independence

- Train when and where you like

- No Basic-Fit subscription


*Please note that if you have not much self discipline or motivation to begin with online personal training, check out the Personal training packages again.



- No physical guidance

- If you have already low self motivation to follow a program

- Any uncertainties about the correct form of certain exercises


*If you have any uncertainties about performing certain exercises correctly, then you can always send me a video of your exercise and i will give you tips to improve your form.

How does the registration work?

Fill in the registraton form for Online personal training 

or for more information.

- I will send you a intake form which you will fill in and send it back to me

- I will contact you back as soon as possible to agree of both

- After agree of both, i will create your personal program based on your information

- You can finally begin to achieve your goals!


Regisration form online personal training

Why choose for me?