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With vanespersonaltraining it works as follows:

- Extensive intake 

- Discuss your goals

- Fitness plan based on your

physical/mental condition and

other information.


The 4 most important factors which are essantial to achieve your goals and have a healthy lifestyle are: 

- Nutrition

- Motivation

- Training

- Recover


In the first training session we look and test your movement analysis:

- Flexibility

- Power

- Mobility

- Balance

- (strenght) endurance

*The movement analysis is needed to get a good idea of your physical and mental condition. After the movement analysis we can safely and optimal begin your program.


The perfect program:

Everybody is different, certain 

eating habits, lifestyle and

physical/mental condition. With

All these components i will create

the perfect program for you.


I make sure you get the perfect fitness program with fitness guidane by:

- Nutrition program

- Training program

- Intensity in training and nutrition

- Diversity in training and nutrition

- Safe and correct performing of exercises

- Progression

- Motivation

- Fun!

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