About Nino van Es

My name is Nino van Es, Personal

trainer in Rotterdam and more than 6

years active in the fitness industry.

Broad experience in helping people

achieve their goals and training by 

my own.


Sport was always a passion in my life

Talented when i was young in different

sports, from martial arts, gymnastics,

tennis and fitness / weighttraining.

Fitness and weighttraining finally stole

my heart after i decided when i was 16

years to change my body with great success. 


My passion became my work, that i now

perform at Basic-Fit Westzeedijk in Rotterdam.

Before i had done many different educations 

and courses. I alwas immerse myself extra 

in the science and knowledge in the field of

the human body, nutrition, exercises and 

psychology in order to know the best knowledge.

My own transformation in 4 years

Education /Courses/Specialization

- Education:

- Fitvak fitnesstrainer A

- Fitvak Personal trainer B


- Courses:

- Functional training

- Sport & Nutrition

- Coaching clients with Obesity

- Kettlebell training


- Specialization: 

- Fitness / weighttraining

- Losing weight and cutting

- Gaining muscle mass (hypertrofie)

- Back and posture training

- General fitness goals

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